Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daily art: Campfire

Here's today's daily art: entitled "Campfire." Someone in the area has been burning something the past couple days so that delicious campground smell gets carried into our yard on the breeze. Of course, I think it smells great but I know that not everyone loves the smell - my sister washes her clothes as soon as we get home from camping to get the smell off whereas I wait as long as possible before putting my sweatshirts in the wash.

I was going to do today's art entirely with watercolor but it appears that I am sadly lacking in watercolor paint: no brown, white, pink, or grey, very little yellow and tons of sticky orange stuff. Of course, I could always make pink or grey if I had white, but I don't. And it does NOT pay to try saving money buy buying cheap paint: it's usually pretty poor quality and you'll end up throwing it out in the end and you'll still need to buy good paint. My lack of paint necessitated that I find some other medium to color the logs so I used a brown oil pastel, and with the texture of the paper it ended up looking a bit log-like so I guess it's not too terrible, but I think I'll be taking a trip to the art store tomorrow.

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