Sunday, September 27, 2009

Art by request

The poem "The Bridge Builder" by Will Allen Dromgoole with an illustration - it was commissioned, kind of, for my grandpa, who loves this poem, so that he would have some art on his walls while he stays in a rehabilitation hospital as he recovers from his stroke.

Daily art note: I have decided to count this as today's daily art because I was so busy today. First we went out to Sauvie Island and biked around the main loop, stopping at a farm store to buy squash and apples. When we got home I had to peel and chop apples, mix in the sugar, make a double batch + a little extra of pie crust dough, and bake two regular and three mini pies, then take a pie and some rocky road over to some friends who had to put their dog to sleep today. (She has been battling bone cancer for a while and her quality of life has been going downhill for a little while.) So today was busy and by now I'm tired and I still have to clean up the bunny room - I have art stuff scattered all over the place and it's a mess.

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