Friday, January 28, 2011

Recipe for disaster

This post is long overdue. I really should have written it a few weeks ago but school has kept me too busy to write anything until now. Okay, okay - it wasn't really school, it was a combination of procrastination, napping, and writer's block - but saying it was school sounds so much better than admitting the truth. At any rate, back on New Years I promised a post about yet another mishap involving Buddy, and it is time to deliver. Here goes.

For Christmas, I decided that instead of buying yet another treat dispensing ball for the dogs, I would simply skip the middle man and give them treats as their gift. But this was Christmas - I couldn't just give them the same treats I make all year, it had to be special. The solution I came up with was to make them little peanut butter, dog-bone-shaped cookies and drizzle them with carob. (This, by the way, did not turn out so great - the drizzle didn't hold to the cookies strongly enough and it tended to chip off when the treats rubbed against other treats and/or the bag I had them in.) After making several bags of treats, I still had a considerable amount of carob chips left over and had decided to use the rest of them (as they were human-grade) in chocolate chip cookies. At the time, however, the pantry was already full with all the other ingredients for the Christmas baking season so I left them on the kitchen table, along with whatever else couldn't be crammed into the cupboards. I did, however, take care to keep all edibles (as we always do) in the center of the table and thus out of reach of any dogs (read: Buddy).

Alas, it was a recipe for disaster. Buddy, having sniffed the carob out, I'm sure, managed to somehow get to the chips in the center of the table (I'm still not entirely sure how he reached them... we really should put cameras in the kitchen to monitor this kind of thing) and take his prize into the living room to enjoy it at his leisure. And enjoy it he did, eating almost all of it. Unfortunately for him, his enjoyment would turn out to be short lived as it seems that eating approximately three cups of carob chips is a bit much, even for Buddy. I came home later and noticed Kita licking something off the living room carpet. Upon closer inspection it turned out that it was the remains a pile of carob and dog food pieces that Buddy had vomited all over the floor (there is, apparently, no accounting for taste in dogs - they eat the grossest things sometimes.) Further investigation revealed that Buddy had also vomited another huge pile of the disgusting concoction all over my bed. Needless to say, Buddy went to bed without dinner that night. (Honestly, the last thing I wanted to do was add fuel to the fire - giving his stomach a break from food seemed the wisest course of action at that point.)

(As for the carob chips: I have yet to make any more attempts to experiment with carob, and don't foresee any in the near future.)

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