Thursday, October 1, 2009

A comment on rabbits

In the bunny room/my office I have a large desk along one wall and a table along the adjacent wall so that I end up with an L shaped work surface. The table is used as a work surface for cutting fabric, doing art projects, or working on puzzles and underneath the table I have two large storage containers and two smaller containers that hold my art supplies. Between these four containers are gaps that are the perfect size for rabbits to squeeze into. This would not be a problem if the rabbits behaved themselves - as TJ tends to do lately (he prefers to hop on top of on the the containers and sit on the pile of blankets after he's finished exploring.)

Suki and Jojo are another matter. They tend to be more rambunctious during their time out. (TJ has been kind of low ever since his mate Tajha died and I have been through four rabbits so far in an attempt to find him a new mate but none have been the right one for TJ so far... losing one half of a bonded pair is very hard on rabbits and TJ is still battling some depression and loneliness I think.)

Were it just the containers under the table I would not be concerned, but there is also carpeting and electrical cords - both of which rabbits can wreck havoc on in very little time. Very little time. You would be surprised how fast a rabbit can bite through the cord of a $120 iron or an $800 vacuum cleaner. (What may not be surprising is how much trouble I get into when they do this.) Thus, the gate. I buy several packs of those metal grids that can be assembled into cubes for storage and zip tie them together into gates of assorted sizes and lengths, as well as large rabbit cages.

Suki and Jojo, however, are very determined and a mere gate is not going to deter them. The gate does prevent them from getting under the table, but it doesn't stop them from trying. For the past two hours they have been biting the gate and tossing their heads (thus tossing the gate far enough to create a gap where they can scoot through.) While they were making progress with the gate they kept at it but they have finally given up since I tied the gate shut. Suki was the most determined, even going after the zip ties themselves when the gate wouldn't budge but even she has finally given up (but not without looking over the gate rather forlornly when she realized that hopping over was not an option either.)

I might be tempted to give in if I didn't know that they were bent on some kind of mischief, but I do know what they're after (the cord to my lamp and the carpet in the corner.) As it is, they get two hours time out to run around the room and they will leave bunny berries all over the floor that I will have to clean up or Maia will eat them. (Dogs don't have the most discriminating of tastes, I have noticed.)

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