Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ducks, Rabbits, Dogs and Cats

It is 11:15 and I'm attempting to write while Minna nibbles at my shorts or my knitting, whichever she can get hold of, and Maggie is working on pulling all of my notepads out of my drawer. (Minna has now moved onto my dirty sock.)

Today: didn't take a shower until 9:30pm - ick. I hate waiting so long to take my shower, being much more a morning shower kind of person, but I am - apparently - even more a procrastinator kind of person. I attempted to work on the garden – I have been trying to pound in cedar shakes as a border for the pathways – but I have finally hit the gravel section that I have been putting off for as long as possible, and progress is now frustratingly slow. Every time I try to hammer in a shake it ends up running into rocks and then refuses to budge no matter how many times I hit it, prompting me to throw down the hammer, sit back and yell “piss!” or “crap it all!” (Minna has left the sock and moved on to the garbage bag hanging on the closet door, making a racket that is hard to think through.)

I made my famous (well, famous in my immediate family) pizza for dinner tonight – Pizza Margherita: tomatoes, mozzarella and basil; a pizza that has now spoiled any and all fast food pizzas for me, being itself far superior (according to me.) I spent the afternoon - while taking breaks from the garden - digging through my pile of recipes for a good cake recipe, and looking online for a good buttercream frosting. I am debating an attempt to make a birthday cake for my brothers girlfriend tomorrow. I see it turning out much better in my mind than I'm sure it'll turn out in reality. Should it turn out decently I'll try to post a picture of it.

Minna and Maggie have discovered the dog's water bowl in the kitchen and now regularly sneak out there to: first, drink; and second, dabble and play; and finally, Minna will hop into the bowl and I will find them in there, water all over the floor and Minna in water up to her ankles. (Birds, you may or may not know, have the same configuration in their legs that we do – their ankles bend back and their knees bend forward, so what you usually see and think of as a knee is actually their ankle. Their knees are usually hidden in their feathers and they walk most of the time on their tip toes.) I have already caught them once, and have just shut the door so as to prevent the second escape that they were working up to. The kitchen water doesn't bother me too much, it is the toilet that they discovered two days ago that I want them to stay out of. Minna has no choice: she can't reach the toilet, but Maggie is tall enough to get her head in there to play in the water.

The bunnies are reclining in their cages, having spent the day outside in the run and/or on the deck. They were given lavender and yarrow earlier in the day, basil for dessert (it is a favorite, of TJ's especially), and are now finished eating their expensive (but vet recommended) Oxbow bunny chow. They will probably charm me out of a few pieces of dried fruit or a papaya tablet before the night is out.

Mynx is inside somewhere but not in the room with me like she usually is because she is protesting the fact that I used the cable box (her latest designated sleeping spot) as a warm spot for the dough to rise earlier this evening. Aspen may or may not be in yet, which reminds me – I need to go check for him. (Elapsed time: 3 minutes.) It is a good night and Aspen came in as soon as he heard me calling – on a bad night I will have to go outside armed with a flashlight and a can of tuna to find him and then (hopefully) bribe him into returning home. (The ducks have finally settled down next to me on the floor - they would deny it if you asked them, but they secretly like being near me, their Mom, and will end up somewhere near me whenever I'm in the garden for any length of time.)

And where are the dogs? Kita is here with me, sleeping next to TJ's cage, in a corner away from the wandering ducks. Maia is in my room sleeping on the dog bed that I keep at the foot of my bed during the day, and Buddy – being very much a pillow dog – is sprawled out at the head of my bed, using my various stuffed animals as pillows. Thinking about the dogs reminds me of how negligent I've been lately: I have not walked them all week.

So, my goals for this coming week will be:
- Walks the dogs at least 4 times
- Read 3 chapters of my current book, When Elephants Weep by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson (I have already read The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats, Dogs Never Lie About Love, and The Pig Who Sang to the Moon, which I highly recommend, but he has written several others which can be seen here:
- Finish knitting one hat
- Go to the gym at least 3 times
- Try cooking at least one new recipe

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